Tuesday, July 08, 2008


We spent the past 2 days at Disney and had a much better time than our last day there! Noah's line is working well and everyone had a great time.

And to make our trip even more magical, this morning we were "dreamed"! In celebration of Disney's 50th anniversary, it is the "year of a million dreams". Each day, prizes are given away in the park and we were lucky enough to be given Dream Fastpasses. This gave us fastpasses (a pass to bypass the regular line) for all the big rides at both parks for the day (these are the rides that Noah is too small for, so we were unable to use his special pass). The kids were thrilled, and we were able to do all their favorites one last time. (The only way we ever could have in the VERY busy summer season!) A great way to end off our trip.

It's been a loooong day...

The Tower of Terror...one of the favorites!!

We love Disneyland!!

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Ramona said...

I'm so glad your trip has gone so well, despite some major happenings which the way they worked themselves out show how God's hand was on your trip. Tristan thinks the pumpkin picture is very funny.