Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hospital Update

Noah was admitted on Thursday, as I suspected. Cultures were done and all the big gun antibiotics were started to cover him for anything. The good news is that after getting Noah's fluids sorted out, other than being a bit puffy, he is looking good and hasn't had a fever since Thursday evening. We are also approaching the 48 hour mark this afternoon, and so far Noah's cultures are still negative! We are all suprised that this may not be his line, but I won't believe it until those final results come back. So hopefully this may be just a virus after all, which means this could turn out to be a short stay. I am hoping to get some GJ feeds restarted today and we will see if he will tolerate that.

It's the little things that are beyond my control here that get to me the most, like not getting TPN for a second night because someone forgot to fax the orders to pharmacy. I so hate being at the mercy of the system.


Anonymous said...

Praying for both of you. I only found out last night, because we were at the cabin. Hopefully you will be home soon. I am especially praying for strength for you. I know this is never easy for you. love I will maybe try and call today.

Jamie said...

I hope that his line has remained clear! I'll be thinking of you guys while you wait to be home again.