Friday, October 17, 2008

One of Those Weeks...

Yes, it's been one of those weeks...Noah continues to not be quite right. We got a call yesterday morning that his electrolytes from his bloodwork on Tuesday were wonky. His potassium and chloride were both low. So it was off to clinic yesterday to have the bloodwork redone. The new lytes showed some improvement, which means hopefully they are correcting themselves, so we are holding off on supplementing with potassium for now. That may explain why he has been so incredibly tired all week. Alot of retching and increased output from his stomach too.

We also got a call today that radiology is concerned about this temporary tube that was put in this week. The right size was not available, so this tube was cut to fit him until his new tube could be ordered in, which has it's risks. So now that the new tube has arrived, we have an appointment on Monday with radiology to change his tube again. Not looking forward to that.

Hopefully the weekend is uneventful!

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Jamie said...

I'm glad you guys are at least home and can deal with all of these things over the phone or whatever. Hope the weekend is a good one for you all!
Happy early birthday to Brad by the way :)