Sunday, October 26, 2008


Noah is currently spending time on CH4 in a monitored bed. Preliminary tests have found a fungal infection (location yet to be determined) along with an enlarged liver and spleen. He is also retaining a lot of fluid which is not great either. Blood work does show some concerns as well.

Continue to pray for Nichole as she is spending her days advocating at the hospital. It is hard to believe that with all of the above problems, one ER doc was willing to send him home with a prescription for antibiotics (not a beneficial treatment, in fact a counter productive treatment for Noah's fungal infection). Thank goodness for Nichole willing to be there all the time and look out for him. Some may say it is over attentive, but obviously needed. Pray for energy and peace as it looks like the start of a longer stay again.


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Kim said...

Strength for you both - Nichole and Brad. I hope that Noah is able to get to his "home" ward soon. Our continue prayers as you wait for answers for Noah's current health issues.