Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still Hanging In...

We got Noah's GJ tube replaced yesterday and it went very smoothly. Also repeated his bloodwork again to keep an eye on that potassium. I didn't hear anything back about it, so I'm assuming that it's ok. But Noah is still not ok and I just dont know what is up. He doesn't play or smile like usual and he is still so very tired all the time. We are using ventolin regularly and so much suctioning!! TPN clinic tomorrow, so I can make my concerns known.

I also got a call from Joshua's teacher on Sunday. He has been identified as one of the kids in the class needing extra help learning how to read. So each day he will spend 40 minutes working with an EA to help him catch up to the rest of the class. I don't think he has any particular learning difficulty, rather, this is just another reminder of the sacrifices we have had to make. Unfortunately, Kailyn & Joshua get neglected in particular areas when we are in survival mode. I can't help but feel guilty, but also thankful that there are programs in place in the school to help. Praying that the Lord will protect them and that they will never grow up to resent all the time we have had to spend with Noah.


Kim said...

Hey Nichole
I hope you can figure out what is up with Noah, and hope he gets his smile and laugh back soon! Also good to know that the teachers are on the ball regarding Joshua's learning/reading. You are doing the best for your family that you can...I believe that both Joshua and Kailyn know how much they are loved, even when things get chaotic at home. Hugs to you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for Joshua, that he could catch up on his reading,and don't be to hard on yourself. God knows youa re doing the best you can. Times like this, I wish we were closer and could help out more. lve mom