Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Thanksgiving this year was very low key for us and I ended up working most of the weekend. Monday I took the kids to see the new Disney movie "Wall-E", which was super cute. We left Noah with Doris, but right before we left, the balloon on Noah's GJ tube broke and the whole thing came out. So we ran fluids overnight to avoid going to the ER on Thanksgiving, and then yesterday, after physiotherapy, it was off to PDU for his monthly TPN bloodwork and to radiology for a new tube. It took nearly an hour and a half to get this one in. For some odd reason, they just couldn't get it threaded out of his stomach. Noah was so exhausted from fighting that about halfway through he actually fell asleep and slept through most of the rest of it. What a blessing this was, as it is always very uncomfortable for him.

Today he looks very unwell, though. I'm not sure what is going on, as he has no fever. But he has basically been sleeping since yesterday afternoon. And the dark green bile has started draining with alot of retching. Not good signs...

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Kathy's corner said...

praying he will have a good night, and feel better tomorrow. I will see you in the morning. love mom