Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Last Pokes!!!

Spent the morning at respiratory clinic and then bloodwork. Clinic was good...everyone is happy with the way Noah looks. His chest still has some junk, but it has improved and we have been able to decrease our Ventolin use. We did a throat swab, and depending on what the culture grows (he is usually colonized with something, even when he is not sick), we will get some antibiotics on Monday to take along with us "just in case he doesn't look right". Nice to have a bit of insurance! Bloodwork was rough, but they were Noah's LAST POKES before Disney!! One more clinic appointment tomorrow with the plastic surgeon regarding Noah's palate, and then we are not setting foot in a hospital again until we come home!!

I think I finally have our airline issues worked out, and we should be able to run our oxygen concentrator on the flight. Our home oxygen company should be delivering it here tomorrow or friday. Our TPN order should arrive tomorrow too, so we should have all our supplies in order by the weekend.

Only 6 more days until GKTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 more days until we leave home!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone from the local church is bring a hot meal tonight. We are blessed.


Kim said...

I can't believe your trip is SO soon...we're going to miss you. I hope that you will update your blog at least once while you are there...even if it is to make us jealous of the fabulous weather and fun you're having! Hugs to my Bean...

Jolene said...

Wow, the work involved is truly enough to daunt anyone. Good job pushing through it to the goal.

It is so great to see your kids' smiles with their packages, and imagine the excited chatter about the trip. Enjoy.