Thursday, February 19, 2009

Officially Free!

We had our last clinic appointment today...and Noah is now officially free of that place!!

Clinic with our plastic surgeon was about as unenventful as I thought it would be. We were all in agreement that in light of the happenings of the past few months, palate surgery is not a priority. There is no benefit to fixing it at this point (except perhaps speech development, but that we don't know either), and there are many risks for Noah. The surgeon is most concerned of causing more respiratory issues. We will reassess in the future if things do improve with Noah's health. But for now, we will leave well enough alone!

Our TPN for the trip arrived today, along with an extra Prizm pump to take with us as backup. And our oxygen concentrator is being delivered to Brad's office. I have a bunch of running around to do yet on Saturday. Our friends have offered to take Kailyn & Joshua along with them to Thief River Falls so they are VERY excited. The original plan was for us all to go, but that was just too much. I'm so happy they still get to go! It will be so helpful to have just Noah home so we can get all the last minute stuff done!!

Some pictures from the package we recieved from the wish foundation with our tickets and spending money...

Inside the backpack were t-shirts and buttons for everyone, autograph books, stuffed animals and a blanket for Noah.

Noah being a ham at the dinner table with his new friend...he loves to imitate us!!


Ramona said...

Praise God for an uneventful Dr. appointment! I can ahrdly wait for the post that says you are off with the whole family!!!

Grandma daisy said...

You will have a quiet house when your mom comes and only Noah with you.Maybe you'll get some rest to enjoy your holiday. It should make it easier for you to do your last minute things. All the best and it is "amazing" to see that you are actually going to go with Noah. Wow, you've had so many answers to prayer.

Kim said...

Woohoo! It's not long now...prayers for all of you. I look forward to the weekend with Kailyn & Joshua, perhaps Kailyn should bring the nailpolish I gave her and we can do a mini girls time with her. Have a restful weekend.