Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wish Trip Day 3

Unbelievable...amazing...I am unable to describe this much our kids have spoiled we have all been already. It has been a whirlwind, and I have realized there is absolutely no way I can keep up the blog. So you will all have to wait until we get home for a formal trip report with photos. We barely have time to breathe, but it's all fantastic!!

Noah was not well yesterday...his lungs have not been great and I was quite worried...he slept through most of Magic Kingdom. Today he seems perkier...please pray for health and that we can get through this trip without incident.

Today is Christmas here...the whole place is decorated and we are off to Christmas dinner, carriage rides, gifts from Santa and SO much more!!


Kim said...

So glad to hear that you are having a good time. I will await your trip report when you get home...enjoy and don't worry about keeping everyone else up to have too much fun ahead of you! I pray that Noah will stay well. Hugs to my Bean (and eat lots of ice cream for me!)

Maroo said...

Yeah! Christmas!!! :)

I will pray for Noah...and the rest of you guys, too!!

Have another banana split for me! :)

kimmylaj said...

so wonderful to hear that you are having fun , i will definitely continue to pray for noah's health.
have the most wonderful time

kathy's corner said...

Really praying that the Florida air will be good for him. May God be with all of you, and we are praying.

Carol said...

I completely understand not taking the time to update your blog. It seemed like it took us forever to get online at GKTW. We will continue to pray for good health for all of you. I hope you had a wonderful time at Christmas.
I second what Maroo said- eat a banana split for me!