Friday, March 06, 2009

Back in Winnipeg

Just a quick update that Nichole and Noah are back in Winnipeg and at our second home at the hospital. Thanks so much to Kim for picking them up at the airport and staying with them a bit at the ER. Thank you also to everyone who has been praying that the flight would happen and Noah would arrive in a stable state. Your prayers are much appreciated and still requested.

Although this was a sudden (and sad) ending to Noah and Nichole`s trip, we have no complaints. They were able to spend 9 good days here and considering where we were only a few short weeks ago, we do not take this opportunity for granted.

Still in Florida with Kailyn and Josh,



Jamie said...

Nichole - I'm glad you made it home OK. I hope Noah is doing OK.
Brad - I hope you and the kids can enjoy the rest of your time in Florida. When will you come back?
I'm so thankful you guys could enjoy 9 days together there - what a blessing!

Maroo said...

Thank you so much for the update!!

Praying for all of you!!!!

Alison said...

So glad you made it home safe and sound and pray that all goes ok at the hospital............... I am so glad that you got 9 good days!!

Carol said...

I am glad Noah and Nichole made it home safely. All of you will be in our prayers.

Carol ( oklamomof4boys)

Maroo said...

Any of you guys that are there in you guys know how Noah is doing now? Is he basically stable? I know Nicole is busy and Brad and the kids are very busy, I hope!! :)

The Keowns said...

it is truely a miracle that he was able to get his wish trip week!
Enjoy the rest of your time there Brad with the kids!
We were relieved to hear Nichole and Noah arrived safetly

Kathy's Corner said...

It was good to see Nichole today, and see Noah sitting up in bed. Hugs to you guys in Florida. Enjoy your last few days there. Love grnany