Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Better Day

Just when we were all beginning to get quite concerned with Noah's continued dependency on the CPAP, he decided that today he was done with it. The plan this afternoon was to try to switch him from a full face mask to a nasal CPAP mask, so that we would be able to transition to the ward more quickly. But Noah was very, very unhappy with just the nasal mask and kept trying to pull the whole thing over his mouth...yes, he was very attached to his full mask!! After a big wrestling match with 4 of us trying to hold this mask over his nose, Noah won...we decided to just take the whole thing off and see what he would do. He has spent the whole evening a much happier boy, with just oxygen by nasal prongs and doing very well maintaining his sats. He is still very ventolin dependent, but this has been a major victory today! We will see how the night goes, as he always has more difficulty when sleeping. He may need to have the CPAP back on for the night, but if we can keep him off while he is awake, then we are one step closer to home.

Thank you Mom and Dad for coming to help out with things at home. We are so grateful.


teresajoy said...

Hey Nichole, I wanted to let you know we are here praying for you guys! Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I'm so glad you and Noah made it back home ok. (((((BIG HUGS)))))

Jamie said...

That's great! Noah must be doing OK to fight all of you all off like that :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad we can help. The kids and I will come in the morning sometime. There is awinter carnival in La Salle and it starts at one, so we want to be back by then. Love you and i will see you tomorrow. mom (If you want me to bring something, let me know0