Saturday, December 17, 2005

2 Months

We are settling into routine these days. Noah is 2 months old and is up to 5lbs now. We are taping his lip to encourage it to grow in the right direction and prepare his skin for surgery in March. His weight gain has been very slow but steady. Soon he will have surgery to insert a g-tube as the ng tube can't be used long term.

He has also been diagnosed with reflux and is now on Ranitidine. It doesn't stop the spitting up, but it does make him more comfortable. He has some very scary choking episodes sometimes.

We also found out that he was born with a heart defect (PDA and PFO). At his last check at the heart centre, it looks like they are correcting themselves! Praise God!!


Kristie said...

Nichole, God made Noah so handsome!! I can't believe what a cutie he is, thank you so much for this web site as I think so often about you and wonder how you and Noah are doing. Now, I can just visit this site for an update on our miracle boy!!

Anonymous said...

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