Wednesday, December 21, 2005

3 Months

Noah is 3 months old today. Where has the time gone?? I feel like it is just moving far too quickly these days. I must remember to take more time to treasure these moments with Noah.

It was another frustrating day today. Noah had his weekly weight check and once again there has been no weight gain. He is still 5lbs 1oz. He has gained 1oz in an entire month. Normal weight gain is about 1oz a day. It is so scary to see that he is not thriving. He is going for his barium study tomorrow to check for any abnormalities that could be causing this problem. Despite all this, he is a very content, happy baby and is sleeping wonderfully at night these days!


Erik, Jamie, Micah & Baby said...

That is frustrating that he's still not gaining weight. Is he still spitting up all the time? I hope the barium study can provide some new answers!
I'm glad to hear he's sleeping well!

Anonymous said...

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