Saturday, December 24, 2005

Barium Study

Merry Christmas Eve! Noah's barium study went well. He did really good considering he had to be strapped down for 30 minutes as they x-rayed him. The test came back clear, so all is normal. So the next step is to try medication. Noah is now on Domperidone, which will empty out his tummy quicker. The hope is that he will have less in his stomach to throw up. We also got a feeding pump from the Home Nutrition Program. This will allow us to feed him over an hour or two to see if that helps. Right now it's all just trial and error!

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Matt said...

My little Morgan has the same deletion as Noah. Reading threw these feeding issues you can exchange their names and not know the difference. She has had a Gtube since 2 months old, she is now 9 month, she had the NGtube, the barium swallow, reflex, and is on meds for stomach emptying issue. Feedings are better now but not quite where they should be.