Saturday, December 17, 2005

G-Tube Surgery

The big day arrived on December 7th, 2005. Noah's first surgery to insert a g-tube (gastrostomy tube for feeding). Noah's all dressed and ready to go. Little does he know what is to come! Finally we will get rid of that dreaded ng tube!!

An hour after surgery in PICU. Everything went great and Noah is happier now that the pain meds have kicked in!

On CK3 in our big crib! Noah only spent 1 night in PICU and 2 more nights on the ward. No food is allowed for 24hrs after surgery to allow the stomach to recover. Noah is VERY hungry!!

Finally we are able to feed Noah and he is much more content. After some convincing we were allowed to go home on December 10th.

Feeding with the g-tube is much nicer than the ng tube. Unfortunately his reflux has gotten much worse since the surgery and he is not gaining weight. He will go for a barium study on December 22nd to check for abnormalities that may be causing the throwing up. If the barium is normal, we will try medication to move the food through his tummy quicker. If that is not successful, it will be back to the OR for a fundoplication.


Godfrey said...

God bless
My 2 month old daughter's doctors are talking surgery because she has a bad case of reflux. They are suggesting a g-tube. Reading your posting was very helpful to me. I am against the surgery because I don't think the doctors are being patience with her feedings. About a month ago she took 33cc's by bottle but was placed on continueous ng feedings the evening. Yesterday, they tried to bottle feed her and she took 7 cc's without any problems. I want a second opinion before I think about constent to the surgery. How is your little one now?

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