Sunday, December 18, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


Angiemama said...

Merry Christmas to your wonderful, beautiful family!! I'm a friend of Erin's from the Junebugs and I wanted to tell you that your beautiful miracle Noah is always in my prayers! May God continue to bless your family and watch over him!


Erik, Jamie, Micah & Baby said...

Hi! I'm glad you decided to create a blog for Noah. It will be great to check it out and see what's new. He's starting to look really different - I can tell he's filled out a bit. And he's got so much hair! I'm glad he came through the surgery well and we'll be praying for his reflux and that he can keep gaining weight.

We love you guys!
Jamie, Erik & Micah

steve, erin, aidan, cassidy, liam said...

I am too glad you made a blog!! I shared it with my junebugs message board!
I agree with Jamie on how different he is looking, and I still think he looks so much bigger then 5 pounds!! I like the pick of him in the 'cat in the hat' hat.
see you at christmas (where ever it is!!) i am excited to see and hold noah!


patti said...

hi, i found your blog via micah's. What a little blessing Noah is. I just wanted to say that Noah and your family are in my prayers. God can do miracles as is evident in Noah!
God bless, and Merry Christmas.

Jairus' Mom said...

Hi Nichole:
I just got an email from my aunt, forwarding an email from her friend Emmy, from Ramona! (Did you follow that connection?)

Congratulations on Noah's birth! The Lord has chosen special parents for a special baby. I am also a mom to a little boy with PRS and just started a blog on him last week! (if you're interested, check out jewels for his crown.blogspot) I'd love to chat with you or email anytime as my wee boy is now 4 years old.
Merry Christmas!

Jairus' Mom said...

Sorry, that's 'jewels in his crown.blogspot'. (not FOR)

Janelle said...

we have been thinking about you & praying for you & Noah. what a little miracle he is! we are so happy he is doing well & will continue to think of you in the days to come! thanks for letting us in on the life of your family! Praise God!
p.s. we are friends of Erik & Jamies.