Friday, August 31, 2007

ER Visit

Well, we ended up spending yesterday evening in the ER. We had gone to see our pediatrician for Noah's pre-op appointment. I mentioned to him that Noah had been having some low fevers, cough and runny nose since Wednesday afternoon. We figured it was likely just a cold, but when the pediatrician checked his temp he was 38.9C. So he decided we'd better head off to the ER for blood cultures, a CBC and a urine culture just to be sure. After thoroughly checking him out and waiting for blood results (all in all, about 5 hours), his CBC came back normal (his white count was great) and all looked ok, except for Noah's temp which kept climbing while we were there to 40.5C. The ER doctor preferred that we be admitted until Noah's blood culture results came back. But sitting in that ER, I couldn't bear the thought of going back in already, especially when his bloodwork looked so good. So after much pleading, debate and discussing it with the other docs, it was decided that we could come home. But if Noah begins to look worse or if his cultures come back positive (takes 48 hours to come back), then we will have to go be admitted.
So for the first time, we were actually able to go home from the ER! All the nurses were as shocked as I was. I told the doctor he was going to have to help me find the front door as we had never actually gone out of it before!
During the night, Noah's temp was still high, but this morning he is looking much better and just running a low grade fever. So hopefully this is all just a nasty virus that will pass quickly. We are praying that this line will last us one more week!! We desperately need this one more week at home!!


Jamie said...

Wow - that's great that you didn't have to stay! I read the whole post expecting that you ended up in the hosptial - but then again you wouldn't have posted if you were in there :)

Anyway, that's good news. And hopefully Noah can stay home now until his surgery.

rissa said...

Nichole, I'm glad to hear that you guys were able to come home. Praise God! I know you were happy and shocked ;-). I pray that Noah stays healthy until surgery day.

Take care and God bless you all!