Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Noah came home today! He was supposed to be discharged yesterday, but decided to spike a fever Saturday night. His blood cultures came back negative today, so he was discharged. We will miss our CH5 family, but we are so glad to be home.


rissa said...

WOOOHOOOO! I'm so happy that you guys are home.

Praise God!

~Rissa and family

Anonymous said...

we are so happy for you all, and we ocntinue to pray for Noah. "WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARe POSSIBLE. love mom

Anonymous said...

Kailyn is super-excited that Nichole and Noah are back home.(and so am I ).
She hopes to see all three of you tomorrow in Steinbach.
Praise God for answered prayers.
Love, Bertha and Kailyn

Alissa said...

The emotions that overcome me are so raw and fresh...I am a mom of a miracle too. Emma Grace is an ex-30 weeker now 2 years old, who has undergone open-heart surgery, has a trach, a G tube, a port-a-cath, and is also FTT on Neocate Jr. She was in the hospital for the first 10 months of her life, and has had 14 hospital admissions since her first discharge date. After reading your story, I felt a sense of hope and humility as I was reminded that God is ALWAYS in control, even when I feel as if my family is out on a limb which is being sawed out from under us. I am inspired by your story and encouraged to keep up the tiring work it is to care for our special daughter. Thank you for sharing your story and being faithful in your struggles...I am sure it pleases the Lord and blesses so many people too. If you are interested in connecting with me and my family, please check out our daughter's blog and you can email us from there...mdford1973.blogspot.com

gkder said...

Nichole, you have been and continue to be such a testimony to people everywhere. You have such a wonderful kind and giving spirit. Just reading that last comment makes me realize how many lives you touch by sharing Noah's story, and the fact that you are learning to trust God through Noah's journey. love you mom

Jamie said...

This is such great news for you guys. I've been thinking and praying for you since I heard the news. I'm hoping to call you sometime, Nichole, when things get a little less busy for us. We love you all!