Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our Little Vacation

This past weekend we packed the van literally to the brim and headed off to my parents cabin for a few days. It's amazing we didn't lose the kids amidst all the stuff we had to pack for Noah, but once we were there and unpacked, it was well worth the effort. The weather was beautiful and the kids got a chance to spend alot of time swimming and canoeing. Noah loved spending time out on the deck and his TPN even attracted the hummingbirds (wish I had gotten a picture of that one!). So I think we've found a new use for our leftover TPN (if only it didn't attract the wasps as well!).
This weekend made me realize just how quickly Kailyn and Joshua are growing up, and how much of it I have been missing. I continue to pray that their childhood is a positive experience and that the life lessons they take from all this will help them grow into stronger, more compassionate people.

Now we are back home, and already gearing up for Noah's next hospital stay. It seems that time these days is measured based on Noah's admissions. We are now 2 weeks post-hospital, and one week to go before we go back in. Noah's surgery is scheduled for Thursday, September 6th at 1:15pm to have his tunneled line placed. We don't know how long he will be in this time. Hopefully it will be a short stay. So I am frantically getting the kids ready for school, and making sure everything is in place for when I will once again be gone. I am really dreading it, but it will be nice to be rid of this femoral line.


Anonymous said...

Nichole, so glad you have been able to enjoy part of the summer with the family outside the walls of the hospital. Noah looks so happy. I will keep you in prayer as Noah will go back for surgery; once again. Love and prayers, Auntie Hilda

rissa said...

Hi Nichole and family,

I'm so glad that you all are enjoying the beautiful weather. Noah is getting so big. I'm sure it must feel wonderful being home for a few weeks. I pray that the upcoming surgery goes well and the hospital is short.

Love you all and may God continue to bless your entire family. are definitely my SHERO!


erin said...

so glad you guys had a good time!! mom told me about the hummingbirds! that is pretty funny!