Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This is Brad writing to give an update on Noah and Nichole. Please continue to pray for Nichole and Noah as they have spent a lot of time in the hospital over the past while and Kailyn, Joshua, and I would love to have them home soon.

Noah is doing very well with his temporary femoral line and even ventures down to the hospital play room on a regular basis. Both he and Nichole are a great testimony to those at the hospital and we are thankful for those opportunities.

Kailyn and Joshua are learning a lot about hospital life and learning valuable lessons in patience and appreciating everyday the value of health and life. It is sometimes too easy to see the not so great side of being in the hospital for hundreds of days like Nichole has been. We shouldn't forget the miracle that Noah is, and the fact that we were told that he would never even live. Not only is he living, but loving life. God is good and knows what he is doing.
I also want to remind everyone what an awesome wife and mother Nichole is. She has spent over 225 days in the hospital with Noah over the past year. Although some people consider this routine and "normal" already, each day is as hard as the first and each night on the chair is as uncomfortable as they all are. I love Nichole and everything she does to be there for Noah and for the record...she never complains about the circumstances around it. I appreciate her very much!
There is a possibility of Noah being discharged next week if all goes well, so please pray that this can happen.


gkder said...

yes, we are always praying, and I agree with you Brad, yo do have an incredible wife, but she also has an amazing husband who is such a support to her. Love the pics of the kids, and thanks for updating. love you guys mom and granny

Jamie said...

Brad, thanks for this post. It's encouraging to hear things from your perspective. I think of Nichole & Noah often and of the rest of you waiting at home.

Josh & Kailyn are looking so grown up - especially Kailyn. I see little Nichole written all over that face!

We love you guys!

Leanne said...

I just found your blog through Jamie's. I know how tough hospital life can be, especially when it's your child in the hospital. I will add my prayers to those already lifting your precious family up to our Provider, our Rock.

Janice said...

Oh Nichole...I'm so sorry for the rough time you all are having. Hugs to precious little Noah!!! He's more and more beautiful everytime I see pics of him. After our 2 wk battle of in and out of the hospital with heart truly goes out to you all for all you go through. Its a beautiful thing to see how you all cherish him so much and just keep going. God bless you all!!
Love Janice and Azlan

erin said...

i agree with Jamie. thank you Brad for posting.
We are constantly praying for nichole and noah but I know we need to remember you and the hard work you have been doing to keep the family going. You are doing an amazing job and Nichole is very blessed to have you there treking through. You are always very positive and help show light on the situations. That is a real encouragment to all of us.
I pray that Noah can be home soon so you guys can enjoy some summer before the kiddos head off to school again.
Hard to believe that little Noah will be two years old in a little over a month!

rissa said...

Hi family,

Brad, thanks for posting. I got all teary-eyed just reading what you wrote about Nichole. She's a wonderful person, mother and wife. I pray that Noah and Nichole can go home very soon. You have a precious family. I love all the updated pics of Noah and your other children. May God continue to bless you all.

Take care til next time!


verna said...

My prayers are with Noah and his family, God placed him in the right home!