Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 26

We were hoping for discharge tomorrow, but there are still too many loose ends to tie up in regards to oxgyen, home IV program etc.. So the new plan is for discharge on thursday. At least we have a plan! Yesterday, I was a bit worried Noah was getting sick again, (retching and diarrhea), but today is much better. Brad and the kids have not been well, so it is probably good that we are not home yet.

Cannot wait to be home to start obsessively planning for Noah's wish trip. We got word that we have flights booked to leave February 24th. Our doctors are aware, and they are in agreement that we need to take this trip. Noah needs his wish! I finally feel that we can start planning and talking about it again. Praying that we can keep him well enough to get him there. We SO need this time away together.

So glad we are able to share Noah's laughter with you all. From the silence of PICU to this...
what a gift.


Ramona said...

Hey there guys,
What a wonder to see Noah giggling on those videos and hear of the plan for Thursday. I am praying for things to keep coming together so you can go as a family on the wish trip.

Noah has God's fingerprints all over him as do the rest of your family.

Sandie said...

I will be praying everything is in place to go home Thursday!!!! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Yey!!! Wish trip time!!!
My heart feels like singing knowing that Noah is on his road to recovery and that you are at last being sprung from the hospital


Kim said...

Praying for everything to fall into place for Thursday. Oh, and then the planning and fun begins. Noah, and your family deserve this wish and I will pray for health for Noah so you can go without worry! Love to my Bean!

Maroo said...

I am so excited!!!! He gets to go home! And the doctors agree that he should get to go on his trip!!

I wish I had some "go banana" icons to post!

I am so excited for you guys!

Jamie said...

Yay for going home on Thursday and Yay for Noah getting his wish. I'll be praying that both things will happen as planned!!

Christie Tuttosi said...

All who do not believe in the power of prayer and of miracles need only visit this blog. Praise God!!!

Armindasue said...

Thank you so much for those videos!!! How wonderful to see Noah laughing and playing!!!

I'm excited about your trip!!!

teresajoy said...

Woops! I posted with my daughter's account! Armindasue was really me!

Anonymous said...

Praying that your discharge will go smoothly today!