Thursday, January 29, 2009


So yesterday turned into a crazy day. I took Noah in to the pediatrician, who took one listen to Noah's chest and sent us off to the ER. I had been hoping to avoid having to go that route, but off to the ER we went. His O2 sats were low when we got there so we started oxygen and he got 3 back to back ventolin/atrovent masks which seemed to help open up his chest. Did a chest xray, bloodwork, blood gas and cultures. His bloodwork all looked good, and the cultures are pending, but the chest xray showed a significant pneumonia on Noah's right side. Thankfully the ER attending was one of the docs who knows us pretty well. So after a few hours of observation, he left the decision up to me. We could admit him, do IV antibiotics and oxygen, or I could take him home, do antibiotics and continuous oxygen at home. Since his bloodwork and gas looked good, no fever, and Noah himself looked ok, I felt comfortable taking him home. I just couldn't bear the thought of another hospital stay when we've only been home less than 2 weeks.

So we are home...for now. Hopefully this is where we will stay. So thankful today for Noah's line which we can keep him hydrated with and for home oxygen. Starting to get worried about how we are going to make it through our trip with no medical issues. Praying that the magical healing Florida air will be just what Noah needs.

Got another package...will post pictures once things settle down here a bit!


Kim said...

Praise God for good doctors...and that you could come home! hugs to my Bean and our continued prayers for you all.

Anonymous said...

Great that you could take Noah home.... we'll keep praying too, that he continues to get better and you can go on your trip. I thought of you when I read Ps. 68:19 the other day: "Blessed be the Lord. who bears our burdens and carries us day by day, even the God who is our salvation!"

Jamie said...

I'm glad you could come home and I'll be praying that you can stay there. How long is it until Florida?

Linda (khalana) said...

I'm so sorry Noah is sick again. :( I think it was probably a good thing to let him go home, I find my kids heal much better at home (as long as they don't need constant monitoring of course). Praying that he will get better soon!!!! And that the Florida air and GKTW will do their magic. *hug*