Thursday, January 01, 2009

PICU Day 14

Finally...a quiet day with very little to blog about. We are seeing more and more of our Noah coming back to us. He is spending more time during the day off the CPAP, and is slowly gaining his energy back. He can sit up for a few minutes at a time now...of course, he is especially motivated when his Baby Noah animals are on the dvd player! We have had our first full day of no bleeding while off the Pentoprazole infusion! We are very slowly and cautiously attempting small amounts of GJ feeds (still doing full TPN as well). And he is gaining weight!

The newest plan is to wean Noah off the CPAP completely during the day (while awake) over the weekend, but continue use for sleeping. Then Monday it's time to regroup regarding his lung issues. The attending is thinking that perhaps continuing nighttime CPAP would be helpful, as it would allow Noah to conserve more calories while sleeping. As we can tell from the monitors, despite his last good sleep study, sleep apnea has become a big issue for Noah again. So perhaps not having oxygen at night the past few months has been contributing to his weight loss. Once the CPAP issue gets sorted out, and if he remains stable, he can be transferred to the ward!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are seeing your little Noah again. Praise the Lord!

Kim said...

Praying that it will all come together on Monday to figure out the CPAP stuff and you will have an uneventful weekend, and get to the ward (and home) quickly. It's wonderful to see Noah sitting up..praise God. Get some rest, Nichole. Hugs to my Bean!

Carol said...

Seeing Noah sitting up and smiling...well, that picture brought tears to my eyes. Praise God. We will continue to pray for more improvements.

Carol aka oklamomof4boys

teresajoy said...

Noah is just a miracle child!! I love the picture!! Wow!

That boy is such a fighter!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm actually seeing Noah sitting up !
Thank goodness he has had you fighting for him Nichole :)
A true miracle seeing as just two days ago he was in such a grave situation.
Wonderful progress little Noah.
Now gain some more weight lol.

Kathy's corner said...

I just cam hardly believe that he is the same little boy we saw on Saturday. Praying he will be on the ward soon/ What a GOD we serve. He is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or even imagine.

laura.h said...

Way to go Noah!!!
Can we come and visit you guys Saturday morning? We're coming to Winnipeg tonight (Friday). We have Brad's cell number...we'll call.

Kathy's corner said...

dear Mom

I am glad that Noah is happy
I hope that he can get better so we can go on our wish trip.
I miss you Mommy!


Maroo said...

Wow...check out Noah!! What a wonderful, wonderful sight!


Still praying for you guys!!!

kimmylaj said...

oh that picture brings tears to my eyes, he looks so beautiful. i will continue to pray for your family

Christie Tuttosi said...

THANK YOU JESUS!!!! Way to fight Noah! We are pulling for you kid!

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that Noah is doing well. We'll pray for continuous miracles.

Take care and God bless!

~Rissa and family