Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Day 12

We are slowly starting to see glimpses of Noah again, as he is spending more time awake and starting to sit up for short periods of time. Fevers are still persisting, so a gallium scan is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Praying this will give us an answer as to what is going on. His blood cultures continue to come back negative and his platelets have returned to normal. GJ feeds are going well, except for an excessive amount of secretions. He is back to his full feeds, so now we are trying to push his gut further to get in the calories he was taking by the lipids in his line. In the next day or two we will try adding some fat to his feeds (what type of fat is still us for debate). Overall, we are heading in the right direction, but still lots of work to be done.

Leaning on our Heavenly Father for patience and daily strength.


Kim said...

Way to go, Bean! I hope you get some answers from the tests that will happen. Praying that whatever fats you add to Noah's feed will be tolerated well. As always...praying!

Ramona said...

I'm glad you're starting to see bits of Noah again. I'm praying for peace as you advocate and wait and pray for your sweet little boy.

Jamie said...

It's great to hear some good news. We've been praying for you guys. And what a blessing to see some of the "real" Noah :)