Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dentist Visit

We saw Noah's pediatric dentist this morning. I was concerned about some dark spots in many of his teeth. They are just calcium spots and of no worry. He does have at least one tooth (top front) that will have to be pulled whenever his palate surgery is done. It is growing backwards in front of another tooth and doing no good. As for the grinding...well, his advice was to get myself a good bottle of scotch! There is some wear on his teeth, but overall, the grinding causes no harm.

After his appt, we stopped to pick up some stocking stuffers as I've been feeling the need to get prepared for Christmas while Noah is still at home. Noah very quickly began to meltdown, (these sleep issues make for an irritable boy) so not much was accomplished. With Kailyn & Joshua at Grandma & Grandpa's, hopefully I can get more done this weekend when we have some respite for Noah.

Medically, there is alot going on right now, and we may not be home as long as I had hoped. Life just doesn't seem to settle down around here. Because of a strange-looking xray on Monday when we were checking Noah's tube placement before discharge, some of our doctors have been reviewing Noah's previous abdominal scans/bariums. His bariums have all been normal, however the xrays from this year look different. They are thinking that Noah's anatomy looks unusual and changed from last year. Still waiting to hear more on what the plan is from here.

Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends!!

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Jolene said...

Grinding teeth!! Oh, how I can sympathize. Both my girls picked up that little 'habit' and you're right, it doesn't seem like there is much to do about it.

Prayers for the doctors to investigate thoroughly and make a wise choice in treatment options.