Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 28 ~ Out On Pass!

I am writing this from the comfort of home. So thankful to be outside the confines of those hospital walls, even if just for the weekend.

Noah has a pass until early Monday morning, when we will go back for bloodwork/weight etc. His lytes have still been an issue, and I am praying the weekend goes well. We have increased the concentration of the saline flushes to help bring up his sodium and chloride, as yesterday they were down again. His potassium is now holding steady. The watery stools seem to have resolved, however, now he is draining more from his stomach, which worries me. It seems if we are either continuously losing electrolytes from one end or another. So this weekend will be the test to see if we can keep him hydrated and balanced at home. His weight is still an issue, and he is down again. But his energy level and mood has improved, and yesterday he was finally bum scooting down the hospital hallways!

Thank you to all who have been helping keep our freezer stocked. You have blessed us more than you will ever know!


Kim said...

Welcome home! Enjoy! I owe you a freezer meal...I forgot to bring one last Sunday. Maybe I'll have you down for a fresh meal instead...does that sound OK?

Anonymous said...

You will be in our constant prayers this weekend. May the Lord lift you up, and I pray you can give every worry into his hands. I pray He would give you the peace that passes all understanding, and that all of you would have a wonderful weekend. Also praying he can be discharged on Monday. What a marvelous gift that would be. Love you lots Mom