Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Settling In

I'm feeling a bit of post-inpatient blues...sounds strange to most of you I'm sure. Yes, we are content, and thankful to be through another crisis. But those of you who have "been there" know what I mean. The switch from one world to another can be tough, especially the long stays, after being isolated and in crisis mode for weeks. It takes me some time to emotionally work through all that has happened. Home is a good thing of course... It's just an adjustment time... for all of us.

Bedtime and naptime are the big adjustments for Noah. After being used to falling asleep by my side with the hospital action, he finds it very difficult to go to sleep here at home. Hoping to settle into some sort of routine again.

We have started using Glycopyrrolate (Robinul) twice a day for Noah's secretions and we've seen big changes. He still gets some secretions, so we may have to tweak the dose a bit, but he is no longer coughing and choking on them all evening as he had been. This is a huge improvement for him.

On Monday, Noah's weight was 6.7Kg (14lbs 12oz) on our home scale, so that is the weight we are working from. We have alot of ground to cover to get him back to his 7.2Kg weight before this last hospital stay. Wish I could fatten him up with some Christmas goodies!


Kim said...

Hugs as you adjust to being home, hopefully this will be a nice long time without anymore hospitalizations. Looking forward to getting together with your family. Keep it up, Bean. Love you,

Sandie said...

Totally can relate to adjusting to life after the adreline/lights/noise/crowds/crisis of the hospital...So glad you are home and I will be thinking of you as you adjust...
PS...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jamie said...

I'm glad to hear you guys are home, but I can understand how the drastic change from one place to another can be an adjustment. I hope you guys can just relax a bit now and enjoy this Christmas season together as a family. We're always thinking of/praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I can understand too, how it takes time to adjust to being at home again. Wishing you some relaxing moments today.... and we're always praying for you