Saturday, June 13, 2009

Toronto Day 12

Noah was right back to his perky self today, and since it's the weekend, we were able to have a pass for the day. We literally walked the streets of downtown for hours, without really getting anywhere. It was a very lonely day...not much fun wandering around by ourselves. We wandered through Chinatown and then went to check out Kensington Marketplace. It was not very pleasant...overcrowded with people and we could barely move. Then as we were crossing a street, suddenly we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of a huge group of nude cyclists. Yes, apparently it was world nude bike day or something to that effect. It was not a pretty sight. Sorry, didn't get my camera out for that one!

I am missing my kids so much...I wish they could be here. (Although I am glad they missed the bike spectacle!).


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Nichole...we can't have you wandering our streets amoungst the nude's just not the "Toronto the Good? that we enjoy!

I am pleased to hear that you had day passes, as that means Noah must be doing well. Please give me a call if you would prefer to come uptown to the leafy pastures...Ok, it's not exactly farm country, but we do have trees that are hundreds of years old!

Perhaps tomorrow (if you have passes again) you need to take the subway or the streetcar and get away from the concrete jungle. perhaps you could try the Queen Street streetcar out to the boardwalk on the Beach.

I'm at home in the morning with the boys (Peter will be out cycling) so I may give you a call, see if you have passes, and see if you'd like to come up to our palce for coffee and a chance for Noah to come scoot around our new hardwood floors...I think they are even clener than at Sick Kids! I think the boys might enjoying entertaining Noah, and at least you'd have some other company.

PS Peter is an avid cyclist, and he knows no one who cycles in their birthday suit. Must have been quite a sight!

Kim said...

Nice that you got out of the hospital, but I'm so sorry you are feeling lonely. Just so you know, the kids were at our house for a sleep-over last night and had lots of fun. Then they came with us to watch the boys play soccer and have lunch. They were so good and a pleasure to have around. I know you miss them, and I know they miss you...hang in there my friend. Wishing I could be more help to you from a distance. Hugs to my Bean...

nicole said...

praying that you will not feel so lonely. praying for peace.

Jamie said...


Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that we're praying for you out here on the west coast too. I hope tomorrow is a less lonely day for you.


Ramona said...

I'm sorry you are lonely. But you have me laughing! Oh poor you, coming across nude cycling day... I've heard of it and seen some thankfully censored photos in bike mags... And then your friend Alison announces that her Peter will be out cycling- heehee... Just so you know, Linc spends more time on his bike then off but in our little Mennonite city, there is NO nude cycling allowed!
I'm praying for your day to be peaceful and for you to not feel so alone.

Maroo said...

Oh my! First of all, I am so sorry you had a lonely day. I will pray for you to have someone to talk to today, hopefully you got hooked up with Alison.

Now...about those cyclists... How crazy is that? And as someone that occasionally rides my road bike... I can not imagine how painful that is with no padded shorts?? Truly crazy!

Anonymous said...

Nicole - thinking of you - I know this is difficult. Praying that this will all be worth the separation from your family.
- Myrna D.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nichole - I called a few times, but no answer, so I hope that means you have been enjoying some time away from the hospital. Let's hope you have not encountered any more b=nude cyclists! (Remind me to fill you in on Pride Week if you are still here next weekend...)

I am heading off to Ottawa with the boys for their school field trip tomorrow. We are back on Wednesday night. I am taking my kaptop and hope to be able to check in once or twice.

I'll leave with prayers for patience for you, continued good spirits for Noah, and wisdom for Dr. Wales and his team.

Thinking of you - I know this is difficult.


Jules and Danny said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are lonely. It is rough being alone and hanging out at a hospital. As soon as my reports are done on Wednesday, I'll happily come in to meet you an Noah. There are some pretty neat things to do close to the hospital.

I read about the nude cyclists in the paper... I can't imagine how uncomfortable that would be. And, I'm glad Alison brought up PRIDE week. It can be overwhelming... and it is quite the spectacle!


Nichole said...

Pride week...sounds terrific. Thanks for the warning!