Saturday, June 20, 2009

Toronto Day 19

Very little to blog about today. It was a rainy, gloomy day, so even though Noah had a pass this afternoon, there was little we could do. I am not brave enough to venture on the bus or subway with Noah and the stroller, so we just came back to RM house...did laundry, watched TV...nothing too exciting. We did walk to the mall for a bit during a break in the rain, but it was far too overcrowded with people. Hoping tomorrow is a nicer day.


Anonymous said...

Hello Nichole! I agree, it was very gloomy today. Both my husband and I were under the weather, so other than Douglas' soccer game, not much going on.

If you do want to be a little adventurous and try the subway, walk along Dundas to Yonge street - the Dundas subway station is fully accessible and the elevator will take you down to access the trains. At Noah's age, my guys liked to wait until we could get either the front or back cars and just ride the route! They would have ridden for hours if we were willing. If you choose a specific destination, check that the destination station is also accessible. Unfortunately, not all of them are, although more elevators etc are being added. If you did want to try the ROM as was suggested, don't go to Museum, it is not accessible. However, I think St. George is, and it is easy walking distance to the ROM.

Looks like it might rain in the afternoon, so hopefully you'll get out in the morning.

I'm praying that the biopsy results are back on Monday and that you are able to develop a plan.

Noah looks so happy and proud in those physio pictures! Does he get physio at home? He seems to love it!


nicole said...

I'm sorry you had such a gloomy day! I hope tomorrow is better for you...still praying!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying you will have a good restful night. Wish you were here. It's quite a zoo here. The kids have had a great time, glad that brad and the kids can come. pryaing you will have the biopsy results on Monday, and get a plan in place. Love you and miss you. Hugs to both of you..Love mom

Anonymous said...

I finally had a chance to catch up on your blog. Noah looks wonderful. You all are still in our prayers. Nathan still asks about Noah.

Carol aka oklamomof4boys on disboards

rafi said...

Goodness hope ou guys are out of there soon, to enjoy some sunny days (or rainy ones too :)
-jackie k., mom to Rafael