Sunday, June 07, 2009

Toronto Day 6

A very quiet day today. We had plans to go touring a bit more, however, Brad was having back issues, so we haven`t ventured far. We did get a room at Ronald Mcdonald House today, so we moved in. It worked out well, as Brad is leaving tomorrow. The place is nice and we feel quite at home here. The room is very cute and the kids would love it here. They also have free internet, long distance phone calls and laundry, which is very helpful. We recieved free movie passes when we checked in, so we might try to sneak out to a late movie tonight once Noah is asleep at the hospital.

Sounds like things have been busy back home. Joshua got his hair buzzed off, Kailyn got glasses and my mom even had to drag the cat to the vet after he got into a fight. I think they are getting spoiled and have been constantly on the go! We are so thankful to have mom there, keeping things going at home.

I finally got some pictures uploaded, although, I haven`t taken many pictures of the actual hospital, so I will have to do that this week. If you go back through my previous posts, I have added pictures to them. Here is one I have of Noah all hooked up for the night. Note the ancient cribs! We had a good laugh at them. His crib now has a top on it, as our little monkey kept trying to climb out.


Kim said...

That is great that you got into RMH - it wasn't even that long of a wait. Your room is very cute! I hope you have a good week...we'll be thinking of you as you are alone there with Noah. Hugs to my Bean...

nicole said...

so glad you have a comfortable place to stay!