Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Toronto Day 16

A rainy, dreary day here. Not much going on. Noah had a skeletal survey done this afternoon, which meant x-ray pictures of every bone in his body. This was suggested by metabolics as some diseases can be detected from changes in the bones. Not fun for anyone as it was a long time of holding down body parts while he screamed.

Other than that, the day was quiet with very little to blog about.


nicole said...

We're still praying. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Kim said...

I can only imagine how NOT fun that was. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Hugs to my Bean.

Anonymous said...

Hello1 I am back after a fun but exhausting 3 day field trip to Ottawa with Douglas and Mark's classes (for those who do not know me, I know Nichole through our shared experience as mothers of "Wish Kids" who have chosen to travel to Disney World for their Wish; our son mark has cerebral palsy and my going along was the only way he could go on the trip).

I am happy to see the pictures (of the waterfront and the Disney visitors) that show that you have had some moments to brighten your days. We continue to pray that you will have more answers, more information that will guide you and the medical team. Noah continues to look so healthy and happy...but I am sure today was no fun at all.

Happy to hear that you have some company - please let me know if you'd like another visit (maybe Friday?)


Tracy said...

Hello. Found your page from our friend Eithene's blog. What an amazing little boy you have, and what an amazing family you are. Keeping you in my prayers.

Jules and Danny said...

That doesn't sound at all pleasant. Praying that they find out something useful out of the ordeal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nichole and Noah. We're thinking of you alot! I believe you may find some truth in the whole pancreatic enzyme thing. It may not hurt to have Endocrine assess him again. With the cleft lip and palate don't forget he"s at resk for other midline defects - so that Pituitary gland is right there too. I'm not sure if he ever had an IGF-1, Insulin-like growth factor 1 level done. Anyway, I'm praying that his little belly will soon accept some kind of formula -make sure they keep a close eye on his blood sugars off the TPN too! Take care you two...hopefuly someone brings you an ice cap soon! Nicole Kirouac and family