Saturday, June 27, 2009

Toronto Day 26

A bit of a rocky start to the day with Noah having had a rough night. Pain management has been our issue of the day. It's this fine line of controlling Noah's pain, and yet not sedating him to the point of respiratory problems. After increasing his morphine infusion again, we seem to have a better handle on things now. The afternoon was much more settled and Noah spent most of it in and out of sleep. He did have a few awake periods...tried to sit up at one point which caused him incredible pain, but when he'd relax he was quite comfortable. The team decided to keep him in the constant care monitored room another night.

The ICU team continued to follow him throughout the day and were quite happy with his progress. His lungs are improving and his last blood gas looked great. Some if his bloodwork is still a bit wacky so we started a potassium phosphate infusion to bring up his levels.

Hoping for a restful night.


nicole said...

praying for a restful night for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying that last night was more peaceful and there is continued improvement today. It sounds like Noah is being very brave...and so are you.

As always, please call if there is anything I can do.


Kim said...

Here's to a new day...and praying for Noah to have decreased pain today. May you find peace and joy in each moment, especially as you wait for the rest of the gang to join you. Your kids are SO excited to come be with you and Noah...I don't think they will sleep much tonight or get much done at school(good thing it's the last day). I miss you and pray for you often. Hugs to my Bean (I love you too Bean).