Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home ... kind of

I am sure that Nichole will do a more formal post soon, but she has no internet access at the hospital here in Winnipeg. That's right, we are home from Toronto and although Noah and Nichole went straight from the airport to the hospital, it is good to be home.

Nichole and Noah were on a different flight than Kailyn, Joshua, and I (Brad). Westjet was great to cover our flights, but Noah needed Oxygen and so went with Air Canada (for the last time). AC once again were not prepared for Noah's care and they were bumped from their return flight .... again.

So after a long day and couple hic ups, we are home. They plan to be out in a couple days and finally be freed from hospital for a while.

Thank you to the "house fairies" for a clean organized house to come home to.


nicole said...

so glad you're all home!

Jamie said...

I'm glad you guys made it. Hopefully there will be no more hiccups in the process to get Noah and Nichole back home with you guys!

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME!!! (Well, sort of...)
I'm sorry you had some mishaps in the journey, but thrilled for you that you are back home. I am sure your hospital "family" will be happy to see the progress that Noah has been making. While Kailyn and Joshua may have had some fun in Toronto (I hope!), I am sure they too are happy to be home.

It's been a long time of upheaval for all of you. So now, bask in the loving glow of family and friends, and enjoy the enveloping support that they give you. I have learned from following this blog that that you are all loved so dearly, and I know that they have all been waiting for this day...to show you how much they care.

I hope that it is a short stay for Noah (and you!) and that you have more wonderful summer memories to create together.

I look forward to following the blog and hearing of Noah's progress.

You are in my prayers,

Jules and Danny said...

How wonderful to return to a clean home. So sorry that AC got things confused again! Hopefully there will be no need to travel in the near future!

Welcome home!