Sunday, July 12, 2009

Toronto Day 41

Well, we really wanted to get to Canada's Wonderland, but by the time we got Noah out on his pass, we figured it was probably not worth the hour long drive to get there. We had gotten free tickets for a second day at Ontario Place (since their guaranteed weather was in effect yesterday), so we decided to kill a few hours there again. It was like night and day compared to yesterday. The place was JAM PACKED and it felt like we were in a cattle herd...ok, do you Torontonians not understand the concept of personal space???

The kids mostly just played at the water park since the lines were unbearably long (even to get into the waterpark we had to wait in line as it was at maximum capacity!). We did do one ride (the ride that the kids did about 30 times in a row yesterday) and we waited in line for well over an hour! And then a huge family had to nerve to cut into this line...what a sad lesson those parents were teaching their children. We did complain...that didn't seem to matter...but, hey, what goes around comes around, right?

Certainly not as enjoyable as yesterday, but it kept the kids entertained, and Noah was happy as usual just being out and about.


nicole said...

oh, I'm so sorry today didn't work out so well! I hope you have a better day tomorrow....and then HOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe your actually cominghome tomorrow. Hopefully your stay in the hospital won't be to long. I am hoping to come see you and Noah tomorrow night at the hospital if Brad is home with the kids. Love you and miss you. Glad you had the opportunities to do so many things with the kids. Love mom

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm sorry Torontonians weren't showing their good side in the crowds at Ontario Place. I guess good weather has been in such short supply that everyone was out yesterday.

You must be SO excited about coming home tomorrow! I am sure there are lots of details being worked out and it is a busy time for all of you. It's busy with us too. I went to pick up Douglas from camp yesterday and had a lovely time having him tour me around. Mark is heading off to camp tomorrow and I am pretty behind schedule with the packing...eek!

All that explanation was to say that with all that I must accomplish today, plus my lack of any childcare means that I won't be able to get down to Sick Kids today. It may be for the best if you are tying up loose ends etc. I had so hoped to have a chance to meet Kailyn and Joshua, not to mention see that little smiling man of yours again, but it is not to be, I'm afraid.

I am glad we did have a chance to get to know each other better by meeting in person, and I will continue to check here daily, as well as keeping all of you in my prayers.

With prayers that all goes well with discharge and your trip home,


Anonymous said...

ahem... after all the great, free trips, tickets, entrances, special treatments, etc you're peeved that 1 family cut-in in front of you?! i'm really surprised that this is such an issue. while this family may be teaching their children rude behavior, i'd think twice about your comment "what goes around, come around", which, in my view, teaches passive vengeance. What ever happened to "If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also".

You have so many blessings in your life! Rejoice in them.