Saturday, July 04, 2009

Toronto Day 33

I think I have officially been here too long as my frustration level is very high tonight. Nothing huge, just annoyed by all the little things that don't get done the way I want them to...when it takes 2 hours to get all of Noah's nighttime meds and hookup done...when rounds get done at 10pm...just one of those nights.

Still at 2mls with the feeds, but we did get rid of the daytime oxygen today. I need to take a new picture of him as his face is now officially tube free! Noah's incision started draining a whole ton of fluid it was officially declared a wound infection. We swabbed it and started some IV antibiotics this evening. Hopefully we can clear it up quickly.
This afternoon we took a walk to the CN tower, but it was a 90 minute wait to go to the top. Guess a Saturday afternoon in July is NOT a good time to go. So we have promised the kids we will go back another day this week. We ended up riding the subway around for a while instead...since for us Manitobans, the subway is a novelty.
Joshua was glued to the window...
Tomorrow we are off to the zoo, while Brad hangs out with Noah. I'm looking forward to a day away from the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Oh Nichole, you sound down and frustrated tonight. It's been a long, long time and you are so very strong...and it's good to give yourself a decent vent when you need it!

Happy to hear that the oxygen is no longer needed, and hope that the wound infection clears up in a hurry.

If you read this before you head to the Zoo, you may want to bring bathing suits/change of clothes. There's a spash pad/water area within the Zoo that is very popular with the younger set. I hope it's a great day!

Praying for all of you,

nicole said...

Nichole, I wish I knew what to say to bring you encouragement.
I hope that your day tomorrow is better.
We're still praying for you!!

Lexi said...

You definitely deserve a day away from the Hospital! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

hope you have a good day at the zoo, praying for Noah, and all of you:)

Kim said...

Enjoy the zoo. I'm glad that you will have some time to get out of the hospital...and like Alison's OK to vent when you need too. Feel free to call too if you want an over-the-phone-vent. I'm here for you, anytime! Love you and stay strong...hugs to my Bean...

Jules and Danny said...

Hey Nichole,

I am sorry to hear about your frustrations, although you have been here a long time and I surprised that this is the first time you have vented!

I hope you had a great time at the zoo... it's one of my favourite places. I was thinking about coming in for a visit this week if you are up for it.


Anonymous said...

I just got caught up with Noah's blog, since last Monday. His progress is slow, but sure. Thankful to hear that he is off the morphine, and the oxygen and no more tubes on his face. So gladyou are all there together.So thankful that Brad is giving you some much needed time off, to spend with the kids.I am praying especailly that you wouldn't become discouraged. God is there with you, and will not abandon you. Love you lots!! mom