Friday, July 10, 2009

Toronto Day 39

An ok day...plans are in place for discharge on Tuesday and we are all very antsy to get out of here. Our flight is booked, and hopefully the oxygen is all arranged. I had a few people working on it today at the hospital, so it should all be a go. Our flights leave close to the same time, so we will be able to travel to the airport together. We are flying home on different airlines, which is too bad, but at least we are going home! Well, ok, we are technically not going home...we are going into hospital back in Winnipeg. That should only be for a couple of days though, to get everything arranged for home. At this point, though, that will be so much better than here.

The team tried to increase Noah's feeds to 8mL today...I was not happy. Yes, Noah's poops look "glorious" (in Dr Wales words...yep, we get quite excited about nice looking poops around here), but Noah has not been himself these past couple of days. The retching has increased tremendously and he has not felt like doing bum scooting down the hallways. This is Noah saying "slow down!" And there is no rush to get to full feeds (which I found out today is at least 50mLs!!). So we went back down to 6mLs and are increasing his Domperidone to try and get the retching under control. We also increased the glucose in the TPN again as there is still no weight gain, so we had to give up another hour of freedom. Since Noah is connected 20 hrs to the feeding pump anyways, being connected an extra hour to the TPN pump really doesn't make much difference.

We got out for a couple of hours this afternoon and walked to the Hockey Hall of Fame. (No, not my first choice of activities, but we got some free tickets and thought it could pass some time). It didn't hold the kids interest for long, but they did enjoy touching the Stanley cup.


hilda said...

So glad you are coming home . We pray that all will go well with the air lines and your stay in Wpg. Childen's will be short. God bless.
Brad we are praying healing for for your back. Love Auntie Hilda

Jamie said...

I'm glad to hear that the end is in sight - I hope all goes as planned and that you get home soon!!

Anonymous said...

But I bet Brad was like a kid in the candy shop, did they try the interactive displays?