Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Toronto Day 30

Happy Canada Day!!

Another wierd night for Noah, needing 5 litres of oxygen again...hoping this is not a new trend. But during the day he does well with the .5 litres on nasal prongs. I was hoping to get rid of that soon, but he continues to show that he is not ready to be weaned. Overall a good day for Noah with a bit of a decrease in secretions and ventolin use, but otherwise very little progress. Not because Noah wasn't ready, but with the annual change over of new residents/med students today and the holiday, things were at a standstill. Yep, we always dread being in hospital on this particular day. Although the team tried to prepare for today, somehow none of the orders they left happened...very frustrating. So Noah is still on the morphine infusion, meaning he had to stay on the monitors, although he certainly doesn't need the morphine anymore. And no increase on his tube feeds as we had planned yesterday. Glad some of the team will be back tomorrow. I am amazed at how Noah is moving around are just so resiliant. He is itching to get disconnected from some tubes and be able to get out of his room.
Lots of Canada Day celebrations at the hospital today. I was surprised and impressed at the party they put on, considering how our children's hospital becomes a ghost town on holidays. The atrium was set up with stations...face painting, t-shirt painting, pictures with princesses, crafts, cookies, ice cream and lots of toys for all the kids. Home Depot was even there doing woodworking projects. Unfortunately we didn't get Noah down since he was still on the monitor, but it kept Kailyn and Joshua entertained for a few hours.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad that hospital of ours kept Kailyn and Joshua entertained, and happy that Canada Day was well celebrated. I am sitting in my home office, hearing fireworks (but not seeing many) and hoping that any of yours who were looking for fireworks were able to find some. Although we are 10K+ from Ontario Place, we can always here the major fireworks.

Glad to hear that Noah is making progress and telling others that he would like more freedom from monitors etc. Aren't kids amazing?!?

With prayers for you all...and Mark is calling...


Kim said...

Happy Canada Day to you too...Loewen family. Sounds like a busy and fun day. I hope that today things will get back on track for all of Noah's plans. We're continuing our prayers for healing and a plan for coming home...we miss you all so very much. Hugs to my Bean...

Anonymous said...

Good to see Noah smiling and that your all together. Emily would love the spiderman face!!!

Love and prayers
Jane and Kevin